Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Couponing & Resdiscoveries!

I went to Target this weekend and picked up 4 products! I believe that I got a steal for it. 

Maybelline Color Show Go Nude $1.48 (clearance) - $1 Manufacture Coupon (weekly smartsource) = $0.48
Maybelline Color Show Taupe on Trend $1.48 (clearance) - $1 Manufacture Coupon ( = $0.48
Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki $6.99 - $1 Manufacture Coupon ( = $5.99
Eco Tools Facial Sponge $5.99 - $ 5.99 Free with Eco Tools purchase = $0

Total before tax = $6.95 (5% off with Red Card). 

I'm look forward to having nudes in my crazy nailpolish collection! 

I was home this weekend so I decided to go through my makeup drawer and throw out a bunch of stuff. I ended up throwing out like 7 dried out mascaras. It felt pretty good to declutter! While cleaning I was able to rediscover a few things! 

Anyone remember these glitter tattoos and jem tattoos? I don't think I'll use it but I thought it was interesting to refind. I also have that rainbow to iron onto some plain top or pants. I am came across some nail polishes. I remember wanting these prism nail polishes so badly because my middle school math teacher had it on and while she wrote on the projector I just stared at her nails. 

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond, Emerald Amethyst, Turquoise Opal
Solar FX Tough Tied (Pastel Blue to Mauve), Sweet Tooth (Peach to Lilac),You're Fired ( Bubble Gum Pink to Denim Blue) - These are supposed to change color in the sun, But I don't think they work anymore. So I'll just use them as regular polish. I also came across some nail stickers! 

See what I mean by not being able to resist a sale? 

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