Friday, September 26, 2014

10 Mystery Boxes from Allure's Sample Society

I received these boxes nearly 3 months ago, but I figured it would be good for me to run through what I received in case it comes around again. Allure also revamped their boxes recently so it might not be an accurate representation of what is to come.

Allure's Sample Society had a sale for mystery boxes (probably to clear up old stock) so I order 2 orders of 5 boxes for $25 after applying a coupon code I paid $35 for all 10 boxes. The subscription is normally $15/month. (If you are signing up please put my referral: CHRI951622)

Now that I'm blogging I need to work on better picture taking.   

All items from 10 boxes



Nail Polishes


Miscellaneous Items: Blotting Paper, Hair Clips, Fashion Tape, 3 candles 
Considering I received this 3 months ago, I don't think I have significantly used anything. I have gifted a few items. But I think I just need to work through my stash!

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