Monday, September 29, 2014

Lorac Pro 2 Palette

I was able to jump on's sale when they had $20 off something over $40. $22 + tax for the Lorac Pro 2? Sign me up ASAP. I received my palette last week and decided there's a million swatches out there so I didn't swatch the eyeshadows. Overall I'm loving, but still learning how to use this palette. I'm more of a neutrals sort of girl, so its a challenge getting work appropriate eyes together in a jiffy in the morning. 

The shipping took nearly 2-3 weeks to arrive, because HSN sold out and had to wait for Lorac to provide more. The box it came in had "this package is excited to see you" written all over it. Which I found hilarious. :)

As everyone probably has said before, the Lorac eye shadows are so buttery. I have heard of some fall out, but a quick tap of the brush will help with that. I love the slim packaging of this palette.

Do you all love the Lorac Pro 2? 

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