Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Order Won't Process at ULTA.com

Ulta is currently underways (in the last week) of their 21 days of Beauty Steals. Nothing really jumped out at my when I first saw the line up. Though now I do regret not going for the Stila In the Light Palettes ($20 on sale) and the Clarisonic Brushes for Buy One Get One Free ($27 for two) though I do admit that I think I have enough Clarisonic Brushes to last the year right now.

I received the e-mail today and was tempted to buy the Cargo Shanghai Nights palette for $20 (originally $39) the colors just looked pretty. I quickly went to the web to see what are other's opinions of Cargo eye shadows because I never owned one. Anyway I decided to grab it for an exchange that I am doing and one for a future gift to a friend along with two CK One Classic Lipsticks $9 (originally $16) to make the free shipping at $50. I am not a new customer to Ulta nor Ulta.com, but for some reason, the website would not take my payment no matter what card I used. The pending charges showed up so its not like I typed in my card number incorrectly.

So I took my complaint to Twitter and Facebook, and received a response from Twitter to e-mail Ulta's customer service, which I did and in turn...I got an automated response that they would get back to me within 24 hours. 24 hours, when the beauty steal is gone.

I really do love Ulta. I love having drugstore and prestige brands. I haven't had a bad experience at Ulta either (though it seems as though many have). But I am underwhelmed by their customer service and ability to let customers make purchases on their website.

I will try making the purchase at various points during the day, but overall I expect to lose out on this deal.

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