About Me

  • Snapshot of You
    • My name is Christine and thank you for visiting my blog! I'm currently residing in Atlanta and my day job is an actuary. I spend the majority of my time either in front of a computer or studying actuarial manuals. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD! My favorite store is the grocery store (oh and Target and Ulta). I am a firm believer that online shopping during exam crunch time is pure therapy.
  • Why are you writing?
    • I believe that I have a firstworldproblem of wanting to try too many products and often purchasing them. I just wanted a space to write! 
  • Why are you different?
    • I am all about saving money and spending to fund vacations. I also want to be practical in my buying and be able to find good drug store alternatives. Lastly, I don't want to become a makeup guru that has a room filled of makeup. I want to have a healthy collection! -- err probably have a more than healthy collection!
  • What other blogs are you involved in?
    • Let's just say I jump into a few things trying to find what I love:
    • www.voyagingdoc.com - A blog about travel, miles, and points
    • www.dreamsoftheday1.blogspot.com - A blog about wedding planning and earning points (will be updated more in the future especially when I start planning my wedding - hopefully!)
  • Are you sponsored by anyone?
    • Nope. I write about places / vendors that I want to write about. So please know all the opinions expressed are my own.
  • Where are your ideas coming from?
    • My own creativity, bloggers, reddit, and youtube gurus
  • What are your other interests?
    • Besides exploring the world, I love photography and I wish I were better at it. But I'm much too lazy to haul around a SLR, so I never invested in one. I currently own a Canon G7x which takes pictures as great as a SLR! I also use my Nexus 6.  I love scrapbooking and quilling. I currently am starting to learn calligraphy. Lastly I'm a foodie (mostly in the consumption side rather than the preparation side). Though, I have started exploring new recipes in order to express my man, After all isn't the saying the way to a man's heart through his stomach

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