Thursday, October 30, 2014

Influenster: ModaVox Box

All items in this post were provided to me to review by Influster.

I love Influenster. I love getting products to be able to test them out to see whether I would be willing to purchase it. I hate when you spend money to purchase something and you realize that you don't like it. (For ex. those funky flavors of Lays chips). This week I received my Moda Vox Box.

Resource water (water w/ electrolytes which I am bringing on my hike this weekend!)
Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa Hot Chocolate will be trying this soon since it's gotten chilly!
Rimmel: Scandal Eyes, Moisture Renew Lipstick, And a Moisture Renew Lip Liner
PS Rimmel is one of my favorite drug store brands! (LOOVE Scandal Eyes Liners)

Love the color and the feel. It's like lip balm on the lips!

Hair Food - This smells amazing. I tried it last night
Jergens - also bringing this on my camping trip!

Puffs - is this not perfect for the car? I always keep a box of tissues in my car and it gets beaten up so this is perfect!

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