Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CVS Deals

I went to CVS last night - purely to get a good deal. Right now if you scan your extra care card you get a $5 off coupon for beauty products over $15.

In addition, Physicians Formula had a deal for $7 extra care bucks for spending at least $10 in products (basically 1 product).

Other extra care bucks (ECB) deals:
  • L'Oreal Facial Care ($10ECB/$30)
  • CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect ($5 ECB)
  • Maybelline & L'Oreal ($5 ECB/$15)
  • CoverGirl ($5 ECB/$25) 

Other Offers:
  • Make Up Academy had buy 2 products, get the 3rd free.
  • Relvon, Rimmel, Milani had buy one get one half off.

So, I spent awhile at CVS trying to think up the best bang for my buck while still sticking to products that I would use. I had an $11 gift card from a previous extra care buck event. 

At first, I was very tempted to just buy a Physicians Formula product (PS. I spent time in store reading reviews on various blushes) and Ardell Lashes ($4.49). This would total $12.79+$4.49 - $7ECB - $5 Beauty Coupon = $5.28 for 3 products

My next thought was to buy Physicians Formula Blush, 2 Make Up Academy lashes (get one free) for a total of $12.79 + $5 + $5 - 7ECB -5 Beauty Coupon = $10.79 for 4 products - but then I have never tried Make Up Academy lashes and well I just don't wear fake lashes that often.

So I looked through my coupon stash and came up with this combination:

Physicians Formula Blush ($12.79)
+ Rimmel Stay Matte ($5.99)
+ Rimmel Lipstick ($5.49)
- $2 Rimmel Coupons ($1 per product)
- $2.75 (BOGO50%)
- $5 Beauty Coupon 
- $11 gift card 
$3.53 + tax (I also got a 7ECB to use next time!)

I think I did well! 

Hoping the pressed powder will help with my shine!

Happy Booster Blush in Natural (very light sheen) and Lipstick in 28

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