Thursday, October 23, 2014

Physician's Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Bronze Pearl

Yesterday I ventured to CVS because Physician's Formula had another $7 Extra Card Bucks deal when you purchase $10 in Physician's Formula. I wouldn't buy Physician's Formula (PF) without this sort of deal because PF never has coupons online nor in the paper. I decided to halt my blush obsession for a bit and venture to a highlight. I currently only use Benefit's Watts Up samples (which lasts me forever). I really love Watts Up and would purchase a full sized one when I run out of the two sample tubes. (Hopefully never!)

I used to think highlighting the cheek bones was a totally unnecessary step (same with blush), but after playing with it. I really like how it lights up my face. I was skeptical about this product because I have read a lot of reviews saying this is too shimmery or too light. So I went for the darkest color they have for medium skin (bronze pearl) because I hate it when cosmetic items make me look like a ghost. I'm not into that Asian-trend.  

This highlighter comes out to $13.99 so after the ECB, it's half priced at $7 + tax. Overall between testing it yesterday and wearing it today, I really like it. I mean its not as convenient to bring around like the Watts Up sample, but it definitely does the trick and seems to be the right color on my skin to give me that glow finish I want.

Don't you wish blogger could rotate pictures?

Mirror + Brush on the bottom

You can barely tell its on but its shimmering a bit!

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