Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birchbox October: What a Win!

I received my Birchbox for October early, and boy am I pleased. When I saw a sneak peek that it would be possible for you to get a beauty blender, I crossed my fingers and hoped, because a Beauty Blender has been in my Birchbox cart for awhile. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

October Products

This is what I selected for my October Box

In Kitty

Isn't the top cool? Its clear so you can see the color!

Swatched. A nude/pink my MLBB!

Tuscan Honey isn't the container cute?

Camille Beckman Lotion for Dry Hands

My Beauty Blender & Solid Cleaner

In my October box I received:
  • beautyblender + deluxe solid cleanser - I've been praying to the Birchbox gods to get this! I tried it this morning and the makeup gurus are right - it applies like an airbrush. I wet my beauty blender and squeezed the liquid out. Put some foundation on the back of my hand dabbed the beauty blender in and then dabbed it on my face. No lines like a brush application and it applied well.
  • Camille Beckman - Tescan Honey Glycerine Hand Therapy - I'm going to force my bf to use this because he has really dry hands from washing it a lot.
  • dr. brant - pores no more vacuum cleaner - I'm going to force my bf to try this too to get rid of his blackheads - luckily I don't have many blackheads so I'm skeptical to give a review on this for its purpose if I don't have blackheads. 
  • ModelCo - Party Proof Lipstick in Kitty - I just tried this on and it feels like lipbalm. MLBB. I love this so much. I might be investing in the line...
  • Sage and Fasten - Onward - I'm usually not big on perfume samples, but this is a rollerball and I actually really like the scent

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